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Upgrade Parts for Ruger® Mark IV Pistols

Upgrade Parts for Ruger® Pistols
Upgrade Parts for Ruger® Mark IV Pistols
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Dedicated Upgrade Parts for Ruger® Mark IV Pistols  

 To all of our customers who own Ruger MK IVs, we ask that you please comply with the factory recall and send your frame back to Ruger to be retrofitted. After your gun has been returned from Ruger feel free to install any of our parts or send your gun or frame to us for work. Thank you.

Watch Dino demonstrate Mark IV upgrades at the 2017 SHOT Show in Las Vegas with Jack Landis of AGI.

Master Kit for Ruger® Mark IV 22/45 Pistols with Polymer Frames

 Our Master Grade Kit is the ultimate upgrade kit for your Ruger® pistol.  The Master Kit for Mark IV or Mark IV 22/45 includes: 
  • Hammer and Sear -  precut and honed to produce a match grade trigger pull approx. 2.5 lb.
  • Spacer (to omit the magazine disconnector) and new Sear Spring
  • Disconnector Bar - heat treated stainless steel, guaranteed not to warp or bind.  Oversized Sear Tab (needs final fitting). Provides short trigger stroke (approx. 1/16") and quick reset.
  • Dedicated Speed Trigger - (Mark IV or Mark IV 22/45) - longer, with a smooth face for the best trigger feel.  Overtravel adjustment screw for a clean let-off. 

Master Kit for Ruger® Mark IV Pistols with Metallic Frames

Master Kits are $139.00 

Match Grade Kit for Ruger® Mark IV Pistols

Our Match Grade Kit for the Mark IVor Mark IV 22/45comes with a matching hammer, sear and sear spring, and spacer (to omit the magazine disconnector) to produce a crisp, clean 2 1/2 lb. trigger pull.   Retail Price is $89.95

Majestic Arms® Bank Vault Locking Block (pat. Pending)

Our Bank Vault Locking Block (Pat. Pending) tightens the fit between the frame and receiver eliminating all play, thus increasing the accuracy of the pistol.  It is infinitely adjustable and easy to install.  Heat treated stainless steel construction with a locking, threaded column.  Get yours today to make your gun lock up like a "Bank Vault".  Retail Price $47.95


Extended Magazine Release

Extended Bolt Release

Magazine Ejector

Hardcore Magazine Ejector                 Ext. Bolt Release $23.95
CNC machined from aircraft grade
                                                   aluminum with a hard coat anodized
                                                   finish for long life.  $19.95

Extended Magazine Releases
for Mark IV™ or Mark IV™22/45™  
Retail Price  $29.95                                   

  American Walnut Grips for Mark IV Metallic Frame Pistols

American Walnut Right Hand Thumbrest Grip Right Side

American Walnut Right Hand Thumbrest Grip Left Side

Our American Walnut Grips are available in both Right Hand Thumbrest and Ambidextrous.  $49.95/pair for either style.

Ambidextrou Grip from Right Back View

Ambidextroue Grip from Left Front View

American Walnut Grips for the 22/45 Mark IV
These are our Right Hand Thumbrest grips for the Mark IV22/45™ 








  • FullyCheckered
  • Thumb Rest for Right Handed Shooters 
  • Ambidextrous has slight swell on both sides to fill the palm  
  • Increases Both Accuracy and Comfort
  • Moderately Priced at $49.95 + S/H (Dealers, please call for pricing) 
  • Each individual pair has variations in color
We also have Ambidextrous American Walnut Grips for the Mark IV 22/45  







22/45 Mark IVGrips are also $49.95 each + S/H



Click here for video installation instructions of the Master Grade Kit for a MK IV (Metallic Frame) and several of our other upgrade parts on YouTube

Click Here To Go Directly To Our Order Page. All Dedicated Upgrade Parts for Ruger® Mark IV Pistols are at the Bottom of the Order Page.

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