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      Majestic Arms® now offers competition ready magazines for your Ruger® Mark II™ and Mark III™ pistols including 22/45™. (Not for Mark I)  Our magazines have been specially engineered to fit either Mark II™ or Mark III™ pistols Universally.  No need to have separate magazines for Mark II's™ and Mark III's™.  Our mags fit and function in both! 

Majestic Arms® Mark II and Mark III Magazines

Majestic Arms® Magazines

  • Designed for the competitve shooter
  • Improved follower spring for positive feeding and magazine ejection
  • Majestic Arms® Extended Aluminum Competition Style Base Pad included for quick changes and positive seating
  • Fits both Mark II™ and Mark III™ Universally
  • Available singly or in a cost-saving twin pack.  
  • Twin pack includes a free loading tool. 

Single Magazine                        $28.95
Master Blaster Twin Pack          $52.95
with Loading Tool

Aluminum Base Pads for Mark II / Mark III Magazines

Magazine and Aluminum Base Pad on a Mark II (TM)

Magazine and Aluminum Base Pad on a Mark III (TM)

Magazine and Aluminum Base Pads

     Majestic Arms® base pads are designed so that even without looking it is easy to properly orient the magazine and avoid a backwards insertion.  And the Majestic Arms® logo has the arrow pointing to the front of your pistol, so that Majestic Arms® will always point you in the right direction.

  • CNC Machined From Solid Aluminum
  • Easy Installation on any Ruger® Mark II or Mark III Magazine

Aluminum Base Pad          $15.95
Twin Pack                          $28.95


Majestic Arms® Mark II/Mark III 22/45 Magazines

Majestic Arms® 22/45 (TM) Magazines

Same great features as our Mark II / Mark III Magazines now for the Mark II /Mark III 22/45.
Our Extended Aluminum Base Pad also enhances the grip.

Single Magazine                         $34.95
Master Blaster Twin Pack           $61.95
    with Loading Tool

Aluminum Base Pads for 22/45 Magazines

22/45 (TM) Aluminum Base Pads

Aluminum Base Pad on 22/45 (TM)

Aluminum Base Pad                       $22.95
Aluminum Base Pad                       $42.95
                 Twin Pack

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