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Tim Norris - Cpmpetitve Shooter- NSSF Rimfire Challenge

 I first started using Majestic Arms® components on my competition firearms in 2010 and I have been impressed with their products ever since. I never accept sponsorship from a company whose products I would not personally use in competition and over the years I have found that Majestic Arms® builds high quality parts that truly fulfill a need. Dino and Joanne don’t build gun jewelry; they make serious parts for serious shooters.

Lenee Landis (Hot Brass ) and Jack Landis (American Gunsmithing Institute)

We use Majestic Arms® parts on all of our Ruger® .22 pistols, hunting or competition.  All of their parts fill a real need, have great fit and finish, and owners Dino & Joanne are a joy to work with.  We even felt our "Cool" factor increase by a measured 46% when wearing our new Majestic Arms® shooting glasses.  My only lament is that many gunsmiths make 10% of their profit just putting the infamous Ruger® auto mainspring housing back in their customer's guns.  Dino's Speed Strip kit makes a frustrating job a piece of cake.  .....Lenee Landis, Gun Club of America Range Tester ,Editor, Hot Brass Magazine and Jack Landis, Tech Service Manager & Instructor, American Gunsmithing Institute, Editor, Gun Tech Magazine.

Sheila Link - Renowned Author & "Godmother" of the Women's Shooting Sports

"Majestic's Speed Strip Kit may be the single most worthy, helpful gadget I've ever written about.  I love my Ruger Competition model .22 pistol but hated to clean it - until I installed the Speed Strip Kit.  Now, cleaning this great pistol is a snap."
"The Aluma-Lite Ruger 10/22 Target Barrel reduced my target groups (at 50 yards) from      1 7/8" to 5/8" - and that's for a 10-shot group!"....Sheila Link, New Products Editor, Women & Guns Magazine

The late G. Richard (The Chief) Thacker, Former Director, Pennsylvania Gunsmithing School
G. Robert Thacker, Curent Director, Pennsylvania Gunsmithing School
 "The Chief", Dino's original mentor at the NRA Annual Convention in Pittsburgh, PA in 2005.  And with Bobby Thacker, Dino's other mentor at our booth at SHOT Show 2014 in Las Vegas, NV.
Michael Bane, Producer & Consultant, Outdoor Channel at NRA 2013 in Houston, TX
Dino and Mchael Bane at NRA 2014 in Indianapolis, IN

Dino had the honor of tricking out a Mark III™  for Mike which was featured on his show, "Shooting Gallery".

The late, great Tom Knapp
With Tom Knapp at NRA,Pittsburgh, PA , 2011

Clair Rees, noted author & friend at SHOT Show 2010

Jim Carmichael, author of The Book of the Rifle, at NRA Conv. 2012 in St. Louis, MO









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