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Here is what our customers are saying...
We welcome your comments.  Please send them to us at


I ordered my first product from Majestic Arms yesterday.  Today I realized I ordered the wrong item.  I called their number listed on their website immediately.  The customer service I received was something I would expect from yesterdays world, it was PHENOMENAL!  The individual I was talking to was very kind and had just processed my order.  She retrieved my order while I was on the phone with her and corrected it (remember it was my mistake that needed correcting).  It was evident that this is a company run on values and outstanding morals.  If I desire anymore products for my Ruger Mark III I will shop with Majestic Arms first!  I haven't even received my product yet and I am a customer for life!  Thank you!!


Raleigh, NC




Outstanding shipping of terrific parts !  It took me longer to remove my grips than it took to install the extended magazine release in my MKII.  Thanks for being there with outstanding products. Tom N.



Order # 4795 was received on Thur 10/9/14. I am totally elated. Ten magazine butt plates were installed in my 5 Mk II and 5 Mk III magazines. I really like them!!!!! New upgraded Mk II magazine release installed as well. 

Thanks so much for such great products and such a short delivery.

A Very satisfied customer,  WDS

Hey Dino,

I wanted to drop you a quick note to tell you how much I love what you did to my Ruger Mark III Hunter. I am now a fan of Majestic Arms. Every time I had questions, you were very courteous, patient and knowledgeable on the phone. The turn around time was second to none in the industry. The upgrades you performed to my gun are of the highest quality of parts and craftsmanship. I have showed this gun to a friend of mine who has managed gun stores for forty years and he couldn’t put it down. If he was that impressed then I know we are onto something because it takes perfection to get his attention. I love your takedown pin system, the new wood grips, the smooth as silk trigger group & firing pin, the extended mag and slide buttons, the mag plates, the added slide charging handle and the now smooth edges that won’t take bites out of my fingers. You run a hell of a business and I couldn’t be happier.


Thanks again Dino,

Jeff O

Kansas City




I wanted to drop you a note and tell you how pleased I am with you and your company.  I ordered a Speed Strip Kit 3.2 for my Ruger 22/45 Mark III Target pistol.  I received my order in 3 days. The instructions were very clear and all parts were received in excellent condition.

I did experience a problem after installation, not with your parts but gun specific. I called you and much to my surprise you actually answered. I told you the problem and you immediately knew the fix. You also gave me some tips to improve the trigger function. I followed what you told me to do and the pistol functions perfectly.

I can not thank you enough for your great service and wonderful products.  Please feel free to use this email as a testimonial in any way you need.  I will be ordering more products very soon.

Sincerely,  W. I.  (6/09/14)


speed strip rating: five stars, does what it was designed to do
customer service: five stars
When my pistol needed adjustments due to previous modifications, Dino answered the phone on the first ring (twice). He actually called when he received my pistol and called later that same day to say that the adjustments were complete and was being sent back that day!





Happy with my new gun simply does not cut it.  You have done everything I expected and more.  I am in love with this hunk of stainless steel!  You have created a work of art and it makes me now understand why some folks simply "collect guns' rather than use the piece to shoot and treat as a functioning tool.


Your grips simply melt in my hand.  You have heard comments like this before but the gun truly becomes an extension of my hand.  Not too big, not too small, but just right.  The balance is just perfect.


Your Majestic Arms enhancements are just that... hard to improve on a Ruger that has been a success for decades but you have done just that... made a solid, reliable, basic .22 cal handgun package the equal of any of the Performance Center types one finds in the bullseye game.  Your external add-ons make the gun reliable and operate with ease.  Your internal hidden magic makes the gun function far beyond my expectations.  Your trigger work has eliminated my jerking off the target.  Suddenly I have found a gun that does what I expect it to do. 


As I was wrapping up a "sighting in" session I began to think the gun or scope was beginning to fail in some way.  After the first round I could not see where my subsequent rounds were printing.  I fired my fifth round at the 6 o'clock position and brought back the target to find I had four rounds in the bull like a tight four leaf clover and the fifth at the 6 o'clock position...laughing at me. 


Dino, you have made an old man happy.  Thank you for your excellent work, your quick turnaround time, and reasonable pricing. 




Cdr. USN (Ret)

President, Old Breed Rifle & Pistol Club


P.S. By the way, your magazines are superb
  Hello my name is K. G. and as a loyal customer I would like to thank you and your whole team for all of your fantastic products. Your company has gone above and beyond to deliver to me what I believe is some of the best gear I’ve ever owned in terms of quality and craftsmanship. ... .  I thank you for taking the time to read my letter and I will continue to buy your products always and forever!  Thank you again.     K. G. (2/23/14)

 Dear Joanne and  Dino:  I was pleased that you were mentioned on one of the Gun shows by name and location.  It will be nice to be able to tell people that I know those folks and that my Ruger and my son's  Ruger were personally worked on by Majestic Arms.  I hope it brings in the business for you. Congratulations.            Sincerely, R.C.( 2/10/14)


I purchased the 3.2 kit in 2011 for my Ruger Mk.III Bull Barrel and I have to say it greatly enhances the trigger, smoothing out and reducing the pull improving an already nice pistol. It is wonderful to clean as well not having to deal with the annoying and long process that a stock pistol has! Very impressive! Thank You. As a side note my Mk. III with a red dot and 3.2 kit installed shoots very accurately producing small groups.  Patrick S.   08/17/13

 "This past Sunday, I installed your quick take-down on my Ruger MK II.  The parts fit perfect and the instructions were perfect.  Overall the Greatest!".....J.Z., Chicago, IL 

"Dino,  Just wanted you to let you know that my wife and I shot about 300 rounds through the Ruger .22 target pistol this past weekend and the gun worked perfectly.  It was a dream to clean, thanks to the Speed Strip Kit.  Thanks again for your expert service.".....E.R.

"Dino,  I just wanted to drop you a note regarding my opinion of your Aluma-Lite 10/22 barrel in .17 HM2.  I put the new 10/22 together last week and finally got it to the range today.  The barrel is the best custom barrel I have ever purchased.  I have built and own several custom 10/22's.  This rifle shot a 3 shot group at 50 yards through the same hole - it literally looked like one shot!!!  Thank you for an awesome product and I will be back for more!!!".....Sincerely, R.S., Hannawa Falls, NY
Got the great.  It seems to rival my best light weight barrels and I have some good ones.  Thanks for making a quality product at a very good price....S. 
"Dino,  I received the kit today.  It installed quick and easy.  I just wanted to thank you, now I will shoot this gun more often.  If you want to send me some brochures, I will be glad to put them up at the range I shoot at.  Thanks again.".....J.M., New Jersey                                          

Actual Customer 10/22 Target
Dear Sir,  I shot this target today with your barrel and I am AMAZED!!!!!!!.  I thought I would show it.  Thanks for the great barrel......Sincerely, M.

C.M. with 10/22

Hey Dino,   In August I purchased a used Ruger 10/22 that had been left on consignment at a local gunshop.  The owner had added.....a Shilen blue 0.920 barrel......My first 3 shot group was a little over an inch.  I put two more shots that stayed inside the inch.  "Magazines love 5 shot groups."  Of the 5 targets, my best was ¾".  WOW! I thought.  That's pretty good for an old man and an old gun......More rain, then a chance for a two mile hike with my new/used Ruger......If the mud on my boots didn't kill me, the weight of the rifle was going to!  Home to the scale, she is 8 lb. and a little, and the balance point was half way up the forearm.  When you shoulder the gun, you think you are going to fall over forward.   

C. M. Target

Dino, that was it!  I started researching barrels.  I was willing to give up some accuracy for a rifle I could carry all day.  The engineering concept of your barrel interested me the most over all others!  I even thought it might be as good as my Shilen.
Dino, it blew the Shilen away!
Starting  with the rifle balance, it now shoulders quickly and gets on target with ease.  The new balance pivot point is the extended magazine release.  "Perfect" between your hands where it belongs......The gun zeroed on the 5th shot and is marked #1, then shot #2.  From 50 yards, I thought they were one hole.  Shot #3 I could see went low left but very close!  Now I'm excited.  I stood up, turned on the range light and stopped everybody.  I wanted to see this up close, tape measure in hand.  WOW!  Dino, this is the first ¼" group I have ever shot in my life.  I went back to my bench, turned the light off and just kinda stared at your barrel.  This was really cool!.....There is no doubt in my mind that a younger, experienced shooter can do magic with a Majestic.-----I thank you! C.M., Texas

"Dino,  I took the Charger out this weekend to the range and it did spectacular.  I was able to pull ¼" to ½" groups at 100 yards with 20 mph wind gusts.  I have to say this barrel is the best.  I really wasn't expecting such great grouping with only a 12" barrel at these distances."......Thanks again, W.C., AR

I wanted to send a quick note about how pleased I am with the two aluma-lite barrels in .22 and .17 caliber. One was a replacement and the other a new build, and I find I can hold a better target than with the heavy SS barrel. My scoring has improved so I feel it has something to do with the barrel change.........Special regards,  W.N.

Z. R.'s Custom 10/22

Dino and Jo… 1/05/10

THANK YOU! Just wanted to drop you a line, to let you know you made our Christmas. My son knew he was getting a rifle, but when he opened the case and saw the final product, he said 4 words. “Wow! This is awesome!” The look on his face said it all. He expected a run of the mill 10/22, but what he got is one of the prettiest guns we’ve ever seen. I’ve sent along a proper picture to share with everyone.

Now the best part… I own a few rifles, and they shoot pretty good, but this thing is jaw dropping accurate. After running a few rounds to get used to it, He and I are both getting 5 round groups averaging ½” at 25 yds. ...Your barrel is amazing. The entire gun is amazing. As a mechanic and machinist, I can truly appreciate the outstanding craftsmanship and pride you put into this piece. Your guidance and advice from inception to first shot was right on the money. Your attention to detail is reassuring is this day and age of mass production. Everything from the actual construction of the barrel, to the mods on the action, the trigger pack, the jewelling, the assembly…Truly a work of art. It’s a “Custom by Dino”, and we own it!

Sir, you are an artist of the highest regard, and a peerless master of your craft. You have located the sweet spot for the marriage of form and function. Can’t wait to get started on the next one ........ Thanks again, Z.&R.R., Milltown, NJ


Just a short note stating how satisfied I am with your Speed Strip Kit. Installation instructions are excellent. What I am most surprised at is the smooth trigger pull. No need to get special accurizing trigger kit........Best Regards, Paul  (8/12/10)

Dear Sirs:
     I received my Ruger Mark III grip frame Saturday in the mail, and went to the range today, Monday the 18th. I am very pleased with your trigger work, and the reliability of the pistol. In the future I will suggest that Ruger Mark III owners order your Speed Strip Kit with the 3.2 Conversion Bushing, rather than tune their pistol going the more expensive Volquartsen route. Thank you . . .Sincerely,  S.B. (10/18/10)     

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