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Anyone familiar with the Ruger® .22 auto pistols knows it is extremely difficult to field strip and reassemble. 
****NOT ANY MORE****

Majestic Arms® is the manufacturer and patent holder of The SPEED STRIP® kit for all Ruger® .22 Auto Pistols.   Now improved, when installed, the SPEED STRIP® kit also reduces your trigger pull to  3 ½ to 3 ¾ lb. in a factory original Ruger® .22 Auto Pistol.  (U.S. Patent #5,666,755)  

     We manufacture a simple retrofit kit that enables you to readily convert any Ruger® .22 auto pistol in existence to the new system in a matter of minutes.  This patented retrofit kit will work on any Ruger® .22 auto pistol (Standard, Mark I, Mark II, Mark III, and 22/45).  This conversion DOES NOT require any special tools or modifications to the pistol, nor does it interfere with any of its normal functions.  Anyone with basic hand tool skills can perform the conversion in about 15 minutes.  Each kit comes with easy to understand illustrated instructions. 

Ruger® .22 Pistol with Ambidextrous Grips

The SPEED STRIP® kit consists of a new patented 2-piece bolt stop pin and precision machined hammer.  (Our hammer must be used for the kit to function properly.)  Once you have installed your SPEED STRIP®kit, all you need to do is to unscrew the new bolt stop pin with your allen key (supplied) and remove it from the top of the pistol.  Then you can slide the bolt out for cleaning.  It's that simple!

The  SPEED STRIP® kit is available in 5 versions. 

One for the Standard, Mark I, Mark II and Mark II 22/45.   

One for all of the Mark III production, including Mark III 22/45and  22/45Lite

3.2 Bushing

 The third  SPEED STRIP® kit is called the 3.2 Conversion Kit.  This kit will fit any of the Ruger® .22 Auto Pistols and allows Mark III owners to safely omit the magazine disconnect feature.  This kit is supplied with a new hammer pivot bushing which as an added benefit will reduce the pre-travel of the trigger by 65%.  The 3.2 Bushing can also be purchased separately.  

Match Grade Kit

 The fourth SPEED STRIP® Kit is our Match Grade version.  All the same great features of our SPEED STRIP® 3.2 Conversion Kit with a matching hammer and sear to produce a crisp, clean 2 1/2 lb. trigger pull.  The sear can also be purchased separately.

Master Grade Kit MK II/III
Master Grade Kit 22/45

     The Speed Strip® Master Grade Kit is the ultimate upgrade kit for your Ruger® pistol.  The Master Kit for Mark II/Mark III or 22/45  includes: 
  • Our patented  2-piece Bolt Stop Pin - allows for the rapid fieldstripping and reassembly
  • Hammer and Sear -   precut and honed to produce a match grade trigger pull approx. 2.5 lb.
  • Improved Hammer Bushing - omits the magazine disconnector
  • Disconnector Bar - heat treated stainless steel, guaranteed not to warp or bind.  Oversized Sear Tab (needs final fitting).  Provides short trigger stroke (approx. 1/16") and quick reset.
  • Dedicated Speed Trigger - (Mark II/Mark III or 22/45) - longer, with a smooth face for the best trigger feel.  Overtravel adjustment screw for a clean let-off. 


Please specify which model pistol you have when ordering your kit.
Send for your  SPEED STRIP® kit For the Standard, Mark I, Mark II™, Mark II™ 22/45™, Mark III™, and Mark III™ 22/45™ for only $49 + S/H.

Send for your  SPEED STRIP® 3.2 Conversion Kit for only $61.95 + S/H. 
Send for your SPEED STRIP® Match Grade Kit for only $87.90 + S/H.
Send for your  SPEED STRIP®  Master Grade Kit for only $139.00 + S/H
Also Available Separately:
3.2 Bushing for all Ruger® .22 Auto Pistols  -  $12.95 + S/H.
Sear only  - $25.95 + S/H. 
Trigger - $38.95 + S/H.
Disconnector Bar for MK II/MK III -  $26.95 + S/H
(Dealers, please call for pricing.) 

Call and order your kit today!
Or Go to our Order Page to Order your Kit Online!


**********See Dino do a demo on You Tube**********

Watch Dino Install a Speed Strip® Kit in a MK III on YouTube

Watch Dino Install a Speed Strip® Kit in a 22/45 on YouTube


Click here for video installation instructions of the Master Grade Kit for a MK III (Steel Frame) on YouTube

Click here for video installation instructions of the Master Grade Kit for a 22/45 (Plastic Frame) on YouTube


*******************Click Here to Download SPEED STRIP® Installation Instructions*******************


Click Here To Go Directly To Our Order Page.

Installation service for all of our upgrade parts is now available.
You may ship the grip frame only (bottom portion of pistol).  Be sure to include the mainspring housing assembly, the bolt, and one magazine.  Majestic Arms
® will completely disassemble, clean and lubricate and reassemble with any of our upgrade parts.  We will then test fire with one of our upper receivers.  Your frame will then be shipped back to you via USPS Priority Mail.  All this for only $59.00 + $14.95 S/H (includes insurance up to $400) + the cost of any parts ordered.   You are allowed to ship the lower grip frame assembly by USPS Priority Mail.  (Use a Small Flat Rate Box)  You may ship the entire gun by Fed Ex or UPS overnight or 2nd day air.
***Be sure to include in the box your name, address, which parts you want us to install, and a daytime telephone number so we can contact you for payment.

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 Tel: 718-356-6765, Fax: 718-356-6835

Hours: Monday - Friday 10 AM - 6 PM E.T. 
  Local Customers, Please Call First for an Appointment.

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